Effortless and Chic: 3 French Claw Clip Hairstyles That Embody 90s Nostalgia


The 90s was marked by various hairstyle trends, and one that has made a recent revival is the French claw clip hairstyles. These hairstyles are not only stylish but also effortless to create. This article presents three easy 90s French claw clip hairstyles for individuals who want to recreate the iconic looks of that era.

1. Half-Up Half-Down French Claw Clip Style:

The first hairstyle showcased in this article is the classic half-up half-down look using a French claw clip. To achieve this style, start by brushing your hair to remove any tangles. Next, take a section of hair from each side of your head and secure it at the back using the claw clip. This creates a half-up half-down effect while adding a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your overall appearance.


2. Messy Bun French Claw Clip Style:

The second hairstyle featured in this article is the messy bun using a French claw clip. This effortless style requires you to first gather your hair into a high ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail loosely and wrap it around the base, securing it with the claw clip. Leave a few strands loose for a relaxed and messy look. This hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal occasions and can be achieved within minutes.

3. Low Ponytail French Claw Clip Style:

The third and final hairstyle highlighted in this article is the low ponytail using a French claw clip. It is a classic and versatile style that adds sophistication to any outfit. Start by brushing your hair and gathering it at the nape of your neck. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie and then clip the claw clip over the hair tie, covering it completely. This effortlessly chic hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and lengths.



To enhance the longevity of these hairstyles, it is recommended to spritz some hairspray or apply a styling product for hold. Additionally, consider using claw clips that match your hair color for a seamless and natural look. Experiment with different sizes and styles of claw clips to achieve the desired effect.

In conclusion, the 90s French claw clip hairstyles are timeless and easy to recreate. Whether you opt for the half-up half-down, messy bun, or low ponytail style, these hairstyles bring an alluring touch of the past into the present. With minimal effort and the right claw clip, you can effortlessly achieve a trendy and nostalgic look reminiscent of the 90s.