Kim Kardashian Goes into a Rage as Kourtney Fails to Attend Her Birthday Bash


Kim Kardashian is said to be extremely upset and enraged after her sister Kourtney Kardashian failed to attend her birthday celebration. The reality TV star, who turned 40 recently, reportedly went into a frenzy and is not happy with her sister's absence.

The entire Kardashian clan gathered to celebrate Kim's milestone birthday in style, with an extravagant party that included a star-studded guest list. However, Kim was notably disappointed when Kourtney did not make an appearance.

Sources close to the family reveal that Kim had high expectations for her birthday and was eagerly anticipating the presence of her siblings, including Kourtney. The two sisters have had a somewhat strained relationship in recent times, with public arguments and disagreements becoming more frequent.


Kourtney's absence at such an important event for Kim seems to have further exacerbated the tensions between the siblings. It is reported that Kim has been venting her frustration and anger at Kourtney's no-show to her close friends, claiming that it was a deliberate act to "ruin" her birthday.

The reasons behind Kourtney's absence remain unknown, but it is speculated that there may be underlying issues within the family that have caused this disagreement. Although the Kardashian family is known for their ability to navigate through difficult situations, tensions have been rising lately, perhaps leading to Kourtney's decision to skip the event.


Kim, who has always valued family bonds and togetherness, is said to have considered Kourtney's absence as a personal betrayal. The close bond the sisters once shared seems to have dissipated over time, resulting in this rift within the family.

While the Kardashians are known for their extravagant celebrations, this incident serves as a reminder that even glamorous personalities face difficulties within their own families. Despite their fame and fortune, the Kardashian sisters are not immune to the ups and downs of sibling relationships.

As time goes on, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the future dynamics between Kim and Kourtney. Fans of the family will surely be keeping a close eye on their social media accounts and future interactions to witness any reconciliation or further escalation of this family feud.